2018 Student Academy Award (Bronze) in the Domestic Dramatic Category

2018 Caucus Gold Circle Award 1st Place

2019 HBO Ibero-American Award

2019 Student Emmy (College Television Award) - Best Drama

2019 WindRider @ Sundance - Best Student Film

Film Festivals

WORLD PREMIERE: Miami International Film Festival - March 8th

FARGO FILM FESTIVAL: Friday, March 22nd, @ 4pm

PHOENIX FILM FESTIVAL: Friday April 5th, @ 1:20 PM, Sat April 6th, @ 11:15AM, Sun April 7th, @ 6:55PM, Wed April 10th, @ 10:15AM

RIVER RUN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Narrative Shorts 2 Program - Sun April 7th, @ 3:30PM, Sat April 13th, @ 7:30PM